Meet the Owners

NOTE: Information will be updated soon, as Camp Summit was sold in 2021 at auction to new owners.

Dale and Cindi Pavlis: Developers, owners, and operational managers of Camp Summit, former Summit Lake Lodge managers, original owners of the house which became Summit Lake Lodge, and original owners/brokers of Summit Acres Development

As a real estate broker and auctioneer, Dale understood the value of investing money in land and property, and was often able to engage his entrepreneurial mind, turning nothing into something with some hard work and vision. In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minnesotans sometimes take their lakes for granted, but this man from South Dakota could see much more than a 62.5 acre cow pasture as he looked at the land around the local swimming and fishing lake, Summit Lake. Dale’s vision of the potential for the lakeside pasture land resulted in the purchase of a very unique gift for his wife, Cindi, in 1997.

With Dale’s passion for horses and the rolling plains and Cindi’s love for the serenity of a lake view would pair perfectly to become Summit Acres Development, a lakeside development designed around a higher quality of life for its residents, with larger lots and fewer homes than other lakeside developments in the area.

In 2002, these empty nesters moved their family’s Craftsman home from Iona to the development in Hadley, adding a triple garage and placing it on a full, finished basement. Thoughtfully placed on a lot next to an expansive pasture, Dale was able to enjoy his horses while Cindi was able to enjoy her lake view. The large house was a great place for their three grown children, their spouses, and eleven grandchildren to be able to gather, and they enjoyed their dream location very much.

Dale continued to make his mark on the area, purchasing additional land on the edge of Hadley which he developed into a small lakeside campground, welcoming visitors to the area since 2011. Camp Summit continues to thrive under the management of Dale and Cindi, and Dale’s auction business is going strong as well, specializing in quality real estate auctions. Take a look at Pavlis Auction & Realty’s auction calendar HERE.

Camp Summit sign with Summit Lake in background
Camp Summit has been welcoming guests since 2012. We hope that you will consider joining us as we welcome back visitors again this season!

In 2010, Dale and Cindi’s oldest daughter, Stephanie, had been a military wife for 13 years, moving often with their four kids and supporting her husband in his career. When the Air Force notified Kyle of an upcoming one year deployment, Stephanie decided that the best place for her and the kids would be near her parents and other extended family, so they started looking at housing options in the area, even considering moving a house onto a lake lot like her parents had done years earlier.

Faced with the opportunity to downsize to a single level home on a different lake lot, Dale and Cindi offered to sell their dream home to Kyle and Stephanie, giving the kids and Stephanie a chance to make memories in their new home while Kyle faced a 16-month deployment. Upon Kyle’s return in 2012, Stephanie decided that the best option going forward would be to offer the beautifully decorated house out as a vacation rental, Summit Lake Lodge, on, as long as Dale and Cindi were willing to manage the influx of guests each summer season.

Moved out to the lake by Dale and Cindi, the beautiful Craftsman home has enjoyed many gatherings. After Kyle and Stephanie bought the home, Summit Lake Lodge offered premium lodging for groups of up to 12 people, receiving glowing reviews from guests all over the United States from 2012-2018.

Dale and Cindi’s commitment to their daughter and to the property kept them busy managing the property through six seasons, with Stephanie handling customer relations and marketing from Wichita, Kansas, and later from Ramstein Air Base, Germany. Their loyal housekeeper, Helen, was able to keep up with the thriving business, too, but Stephanie dreamed of the day when the whole family would be able to return to beautiful Summit Lake.

Stephanie’s dream came true in 2018 when Kyle agreed to walk away from a flourishing Air Force career after 21 1/2 years in order to get her and the kids “home” to Southwest Minnesota, and now they get to make Summit Lake Lodge their home together. Kyle is launching into a new career as Chief Executive Officer for Midwest Wellness Institute, and Stephanie is doing what she loves, marketing and web design, in her home office overlooking the lake. Take a look at her marketing business, SummitAMP.

Kyle & Stephanie Korver and family: Daughter and son-in-law of Dale & Cindi and owners of former Summit Lake Lodge, are now managing the marketing of Camp Summit and exploring future lodging management options.

Thank you, guests and visitors, for your support of Camp Summit and Summit Lake Lodge since 2011. We look forward to what the future will bring as we continue to dream big.

With hard work and determination, dreams really do come true at Summit Lake!
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