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Guests have made wonderful memories at Camp Summit and Summit Lake Getaway since 2011! Share your experiences with us on Facebook for your chance to be featured on this website!

“We had a nice weekend with friends here by the lake. It was quiet and relaxing. I caught a 24″ Walleye right off the dock. Had a nice time with the warmer weather…around the fire pit. We brought our kayaks with us, so we also spent most of our time on the lake fishing. Perfect lake to kayak as it’s not too busy nor is any wake present. Lake is smaller so you can pretty much fish the whole lake in a longer weekend. Fun place to get away and hang out with some friends or family.” ~Chris M., guest

Camp Summit sign with Summit Lake in background

“We fished the lake… and the northern pike were hitting all week. The smallest was 26 inches and the biggest was 41 inches.” ~ Brett H., guest

“I was surrounded by corn and soy beans in God’s paradise with the chirping of grasshoppers. This was right where I wanted to spend my vacation time…it was as relaxing as it gets!” ~ Wayne P, guest

Open sites at Camp Summit with picnic table and fire ring

“The kids played outside for hours, between the jungle gym at the campground, the horses, the canoe, Rudy 🙂 & a campfire, there were lots of tired little people at the end of the day!” ~ Amy L., guest

In Memory Of Rudy, who welcomed and delighted Summit Lake Lodge guests until 2018.

“The lake and surrounding rolling country-side were spectacular and serene, and the weather was pleasant. We were fearing that there would be mosquitos, but the breeze probably swept them away; no one had a single bite the whole week. The adults and kids enjoyed many canoe trips out on the lake. We enjoyed touring the 19th-century historic town of Curie with the end-of-the-line railroad buildings and the the Pipestone National Monument where American Indians used to quarry the soft red stone for for carving peace pipes and other decorative items. We even spent a day at the county fair in nearby Slayton. We all had a wonderful, memorable time together.” ~Bob M., guest

“We enjoyed the canoe, the wildlife, and the quiet location. Within an easy drive were the outstanding Brookings Children’s’ Museum, Lake Shetek, Jeffers Petroglyphs, and Currie’s End of the Line train museum. We had supper with great onion rings in Dundee.” ~Alicia, guest

“Lots of wildlife. When it came to fishing, we basically had the lake to ourselves. From my second cast, I was pulling 5-10 lb northerns from the lake. I was a bit ill prepared. I lost about 20+ lures from larger fish. The longest we were able to land was 35 inches but none were smaller than 25. I had my limit in about an hour but continued to catch and release all weekend and landed more than 30 large fish. It was some of the best fishing I’ve seen after living in MN for 7 years. A bit difficult for the little kids to fish but they enjoyed catching perch, bullheads, and crayfish.” ~Peter K., guest

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